Output quality is always the center's top priority. In order to ensure that students not only have a comfortable and dynamic learning environment, but also have teachers who are dedicated and enthusiastic to the class. They always consider and offer positive corrections when receiving feedback from parents and students.

The encouragement, concern and trust of the parents and students in the past time will be the driving force to help them, the staff - teachers of the foreign language center. E-GO will continue to grow stronger in the future, bringing the best quality classes and courses to students more in the near future.

They especially hope that with their best efforts in training, together with the attention of parents and students at each level, they can contribute to opening a new era of confidence and opportunity to learn. SPECIAL: To encourage and motivate students, the center regularly grants 50%-100% scholarships to students who are passionate about foreign languages ​​but have difficult circumstances, do not have the conditions to go to school, regardless of discrimination. age, gender, household registration - for the purpose of sharing difficulties, and trying to bring out the best for the practitioners.