Established in September 2001, formerly known as Lucky Company Limited operating in the field of manufacturing and distributing Fimex motorcycles, Tech@; Import and wholesale distribution of mobile phones nationwide. Currently, the company is developing and expanding and is a distributor of many famous brands in the world, including Kyvol, a brand that is genuinely distributed by Lucky Forwarding and Trading Production Joint Stock Company. LUCKY).

Kyvol is a famous brand for vacuum cleaners and technology products, with robot vacuum cleaner products always at the top of the best-selling list on the world's largest e-commerce platform Amazon. With world standard quality, eco-friendly and affordable price. KYVOL believes and hopes to bring smart, friendly products that support modern life and encourage healthy lifestyles to all Vietnamese families.

We have used Trello to connect our team and our customers so that the workflow goes smoothly and effectively. We upload fanpage's upcoming titles and give them 2 days to feedback. After that, the process of end posts will be the same as we ask for feedback and adjust accordingly.