WAREN center - they have engineers and experts who are passionate and dedicated to the profession, the teaching staff always try to create an open learning environment, bringing maximum learning inspiration to the students. and always want to light up students' passion for the profession they pursue

Firstly, please take a look at a fanpage that we have taken good care of: https://www.facebook.com/waren.vn

Thanks to the in-depth knowledge about IT and technology in general, we know what is important to attract their target customers, to increase engagement and ultimately, to turn them into leads. However, we can do more than that. You just need to give us the basic ideas about your products/ services and your company, regardless of majors, we guarantee to bring you great content.

We have used Trello to connect our team and our customers so that the workflow goes smoothly and effectively. We upload fanpage's upcoming titles and give them 2 days to feedback. After that, the process of end posts will be the same as we ask for feedback and adjust accordingly.