Along with the stormy development of the current society, people's needs for settlement and happiness are also constantly increasing. With the criterion "Creating living space", THEP VIET CONSTRUCTION sets the criteria to build modern and advanced homes and industrial buildings, wishing to bring customers a comfortable and professional living and working space. most professional.

In addition to enhancing the quality of works, Viet Steel always constantly improves and perfects itself and captures the modern trends and requirements of customers to respond in the fastest way, bringing perfect utilities. best for your customers. Always putting quality criteria first, Viet Steel Construction Architecture always follows design standards closely and precisely in order to create the best products for customers.

We can help you with our resources:

- Front End Developer: Front End Developer's job is to use tools to build things that users, customers or visitors to the website can see. Or simply build what is present on the website.

- Back End Developer: Back End Developer's job is to build core values ​​inside. BackEnd Developer builds the code and language that runs on the server. These values ​​users as well as customers can only feel it through the effective operation of the website. Like a cake, customers can see the outer layer of cream is the Front-End, and the Back-End is the inside of the cake.

- Full Stack Developer: Full Stack Developers are considered to be "all-rounders", they are multi-functional. They can do a mix of Back-End and Front-End, providing a full package of web development services. And of course, their knowledge will have to be twice as much as 1 of the 2 positions above, can call Full Stack Developer as experts in the industry.